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lll changelog

02.08.2012 - 00:56
lll was a perfect training. I learned a lot PHP. But the project is slowly becoming too big...
Making changes is complicated, HTML 4.01 and HTML5 are mixed, PHP code is confusing, database structures are sometimes confusing and annoying.
Eventually, I start the whole thing from scratch in lllv2 ^^

Oh sure, your accounts will be copied into lllv2. I'm not sure if that applys to your bulletins and messages..
lllv2 is going to be developed at http://lllv2.dermetfan.bplaced.net/, and if it's finished enough sometime, lllv2 is going to be at http://lll.dermetfan.bplaced.net/.

But don't forget:
That's all just an idea!

15.07.2012 - 23:58
This project is becoming crazy. I tried to add a reeeally easy and little feature, but the script was so big and confusing that I gave up. I have to focus on trying to structure my scripts even more. This is just too big.

03.07.2012 - 18:00
Added dropdown menu for reciever on the write messages page. The dropdown menu contains user's friendslist.

03.07.2012 - 14:32
Links to user's website on the profile are now clickable.

14.06.2012 - 02:13
Worked on albums. Made some design changes.

10.06.2012 - 01:12
Updated account deletion system.

10.06.2012 - 00:01
Made some important browser compatibilty fixes for Google Chrome.

07.06.2012 - 00:19
Users can now comment on posts. They can also add images to their comments.
Users can delete comments they wrote or which are on their profiles. If a user deletes a post, all it's comments are deleted.

04.06.2012 - 03:45
Users can now post messages and images on profiles. They can delete posts they wrote and every post on their own profile.

30.05.2012 - 22:47
Users can have profile images now, which are also shown in friendslist, on their profile and on editprofile.php

26.05.2012 - 13:28
god there was a bug in the friend system but I made it worse.. now I fixed it but the whole friends database is screwed up... It's gonna take some time until i fixed that... shit..
fixed friends database. but now there's a bug in the add friend script...
bug fixed, but found another bug that allows users to add others to their friends list if they know the right URL, but they don't add theirselves to the others friendslist and that screws up the whole database if they do it.
Fixed that hacker bug. Everything is alright with the friends system again :)

26.05.2012 - 03:53
Just couldn't hold back myself. Awesome message system bugfix.

26.05.2012 - 03:24
The red "-" I've been talking about before is now the alternative for the cool trash icons. You know, for those who can't view pictures or something. yeeeeees, I'm making a whole entry in the changelog for that much to type: alt='-'

26.05.2012 - 03:05
I added a nice little trash icon instead of the easy misunderstandable red "-" where was something to delete..
and did very few code changes, basically little bugfixes and optimizing code... nothing too exciting. yeah I'll go to bed now, i guess..

26.05.2012 - 00:43
Added some new features to message system.
- Messages can now be new or old (new messages are shown fat in the inbox, old ones aren't)
- the number of new messages is shown next to the link to the inbox (exept there are no new messages, then there's just the link to the inbox)
- users can delete messages in their inbox
I decided to not let users delete messages in their outbox, because they would delete these messages from the recievers inbox too and I'm too lazy to make it properly now.
Oh right, if a users deletes a message from his inbox, he also deletes it from the senders outbox. But to be honest, I don't give a shit about that right now.

24.05.2012 - 16:56
Finished message system. It's awesome.

23.05.2012 - 20:31
I have to stop now... There is some homework waiting >:(
Well, I finished the inbox, outbox and users can read their messages..
but uh.. they can't send messages yet, so I didn't show the link to all of this... ehehehehe ^^

23.05.2012 - 19:27
currently working on messaging system

23.05.2012 - 14:48
fixed bug in log.php: if password was empty, user didn't return to login.php

18.05.2012 - 16:33
users can delete sent friend requests on index2.php

18.05.2012 - 14:20
added changelog.txt link on index.php

18.05.2012 - 14:16
fixed some bugs in log.php:
 - not existing users could login
new function:
 - users can delete their accounts

18.05.2012 - 14:15
started changelog

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